EasyLeave comes with a host of features, which will help your Business with the
Leave Application process. Applying for Leave as an Employee has never been easier

Fresh and Clean

Simplicity is the key to EasyLeave.


Email and SMS notifications supported.

Online Documents

Leave Application documents in the cloud.

Environment Friendly

Reduce your paper usage and reduce your footprint.

Advanced Workflow

Proper Leave Application approval workflows.

Happy Employees

Applying for Leave has never been easier.

Our Service

A Cloud Leave Application system for your Business.
Access your Leave Applications anywhere!


Access a set of reports for your Business

Timely Notifications

Instant notifications via SMS or Email

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed 99% uptime


Brand your Leave documents with your Business logos

Mobile Friendly

Use on any device, anywhere, at any time!

Save Time

Access and use online, saving time and money

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